PhD Cloud Computing Tech

Course Description

PhD Cloud Computing Tech is a 3-year program at Shoolini University that focuses on web application technologies used in computers or mobile devices. These technologies create interfaces between web servers and clients, ensuring safe usage of internet-based applications and permanent access to information.

Cloud computing refers to internet-based computing systems used to deliver applications between computers through the internet. Students learn innovative methods of storing, accessing, and sharing resources and information over the internet. In addition, they become adept at developing, maintaining, and fixing the processes that enable computers to communicate through networks.

The internationally acclaimed faculty at Shoolini University comes from leading Indian and global universities such as Oxford, NIH, and NCI. Many faculty members have received grants from national and international funding agencies.

The university collaborates with renowned universities worldwide for student exchange programs, faculty exchange, and more. Prominent among these are the University of Arkansas, USA; Lanzhou University, China; University of Naples, Italy; Taipei Medical University, Taiwan; Gachon University, South Korea; South Dakota Mines University, USA.

Shoolini University is UGC Approved and NAAC Accredited.

Career Opportunities

  • Data Engineer
  • Cloud Engineer/Architects
  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • High-Performance Analyst
  • Application Consultant
  • Operations Support Engineer
  • Server Performance Engineer

Course Information